Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jason Davis?

I love taking photos.  One of my early childhood memories is of the small Kodak 35mm film camera my parents gave me for Christmas.  I remember the excitement of loading the film into that little camera and begging to drive past the the Sydney Opera House so I could take some photos. The wait to get that film processed was unbearable but the whole process was magic and seemed so technical at the time. And so it began – a fascination with photography and technology that has lasted a lifetime. The cameras have improved and the digital age means no waiting at all but the passion to make photos remains the same. 

Where is Jason Davis?

I am currently based in the “alternative North” of Melbourne in the almost inner-city suburb of Northcote. I relocated to Melbourne in early 2017 where I have been lecturing at Melbourne Uni and rebuilding the quantitative investing capability of AMP Capital. I’m currently taking a break from all things photography and design but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back someday.

Are you available for commercial hire?

At the moment no.

What gear do you use?

I have been photographing with professional Nikon equipment since the advent of the digital age. My latest camera bodies are the Nikon D4/D4s and the Nikon D800E which are all full-frame camera bodies.  I use a range of dedicated Nikon lenses and also a purpose built underwater housing gear from Aquatech for the D4.  Nearly all the photos are shot under natural light conditions (without flash or strobe) but when I do use artificial light they are Nikon strobes, Prophoto outdoor lights and Elinchrome studio lights.

I want to buy the digital files from your Print Gallery?

Sorry only the physical prints are for sale.  If you do want to license photos for commercial use please contact me.  Licensing is available but the cost will depend upon the intended usage.

How are the photos printed?

The photos available in the Print Gallery are printed using the gold standard in large-format printing quality: a commercial lambda printer.  Whites are truly white and blacks are truly black while the colours are saturated but true to the actual shot so skin-tones and bright colours remain natural. The type of paper is metallic gloss and characteristically is of high contrast and high saturation which I believe is most suitable for my images. The paper is of the highest archival quality and in normal circumstances the prints will maintain their vibrant look for a 100 years.

I want a framed print super fast – can you do that?

The prints themselves have a few days turnaround and the framing may take up to 8-10 business days.  If you are desperate for a fast turnaround – anything is possible but there could be an extra charge.  Contact me before ordering if you do require an urgent delivery.

If I buy a print can I have it shipped?

Yes you can. If you are ordering an unframed print then the shipping charge can be added directly at checkout. If you are wanting a framed piece to be shipped we will need to contact you with a quote. When shipping interstate or overseas your artwork will be specially packed before it is couriered.  An indicative costing is available here.

Can I track my order?

Yes you can.  You will be given a tracking number when your order is processed.

Is ordering secure?

It sure is. Your credit card information will be encrypted before it is transferred to any payments system. You will see the little padlock symbol in your browser or url bar when you are at the checkout confirming that a SSL is in place. Your personal information is never shared with third parties except for your address when shipping is required. Jason Davis Images has a privacy standard and you can read it here and you can read more about the security of the online store here.

Do you photograph weddings?

Sadly never again. Thanks.


If you still want to know more than contact me either by email or call 0417 245 603.