Not The Way Home - National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery

In May 2011, 13 prominent Australian artists ventured to the Barrier Ranges in north western New South Wales, for an epic journey into the vast landscape of Australia’s arid desert. Driving 1,100km west of Sydney, past Broken Hill and on to the University of NSW’s Research Station at Fowlers Gap, each artist responded to the landscape in their unique way. Artists featuring in Not the Way Home include: Margaret Ackland, Elisabeth Cummings, Merran Esson, Joe Frost, Alan Jones, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Ross Laurie, Steve lopes, Euan Macleod, Idris Murphy, Amanda Penrose Hart, Peter Sharp and Guy Warren. 

Curator of the exhibition, Owen Craven, Editor, Artist Profile and Art Almanac magazines, documented the journey along with journalist James Compton and ABC Open Producer Sean O’Brien.