Here you will find information about all the printing and framing options which can be easily ordered via the store. With framing, I personally prefer simplicity over something that overwhelms the image. The framing selections are deliberately concise but are all modern and sleek.

Unframed Print

Your photo is printed on metallic gloss paper. This paper is rich with colours and of archival quality. The photo can be printed with or without a white border. Printing with a white border will allow you and your framer more options. An unframed print is an ideal way to purchase prints from overseas or if you wish to send the print as a gift. It will be delivered to you in a postal tube. You have a choice of whether the print has no white border (full bleed) or is printed with a white border. Depending upon the style of framing you choose, the white border will offer the framer much more flexibility. The gallery below illustrates the dimensions of the white border:-

Shadow Box Frame

The shadow box frames are a simple but smart looking way of framing your print. It is my preferred framing option for small to medium size prints as it not only adds depth but the framing is an artwork in itself. The frame can be either a white gloss or a natural timber. The timber option is Australian White Ash which has been finished very lightly with shellac to seal the sanding. The frame has a 27mm border and a 45mm depth. Your image will sit at the rear of the box frame, is protected by an acrylic face and comes ready to hang with D-rings on the reverse.

Acrylic Float Mount

Acrylic float mounts are very popular with galleries and public hanging spaces and they suit most contemporary settings.   The metallic print is face mounted underneath a 6mm piece of acrylic which has diamond polished edges.  The acrylic enhances the colours and vibrancy of the image as well as providing valuable UV protection.  The image is printed full bleed (no border) and after it is face-mounted to the acrylic it will have a polycarbonate backing and a metallic U-channel frame.  The U-channel frame is 12mm deep which gives your print its floating off the wall effect and because it is rectangular, the finished product will remain flat and never bow.  The finished acrylic comes with a hanging bar which you screw into the wall and the U-frame will slide over the bar to lock it in place.