Jason Davis Images follows industry best practices to keep your information secure and confidential. This website has several safe guards in place to keep your information safe if you decide to purchase any prints online. Be assured that when shopping here your information security is taken very seriously. Below is an overview of how your data is kept safe.

Secure Communication

All communication with the online atore is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so that no criminals can eavesdrop or gain access to your information while it is in transit. The SSL certificate used by Jason Davis Images was issued by GlobalSign and provides 2048-bit encryption which is the industry best practise.  GlobalSign is on of the leading provider of identity and trust assurance services on the internet and is used by many of the top companies and government organisations in the world such as Virgin Atlantic, Toyota, AT&T and the NHS. You can find out more about GlobalSign and security policies at their website.

Credit Card Processing

There are two payment options when ordering from our online store. You can allow us to process your payment directly, or you can use PayPal to transfer the payment.

Direct Payment

If you enter your credit card information on the website then your payment will be processed using Stripe. Stripe is one of the leading payment gateways has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification possible.You can find out more about Stripe and their security polices here. Once your purchase is complete your credit card number is purged from the our database. Only the last 4 digits are kept for auditing and support purposes.

Paying with Paypal

When placing an order using PayPal, all order details is transmitted over the Paypal SSL (the PayPal SSL certificate is certified by VeriSign). Once the payment is completed, a completion notice is sent to our store so that I can start preparing your print. Your Credit Card information is never seen by Jason Davis Images. You can find out more about PayPal and their stringent security policies at their website.